100WC – Week #32 – Emma

“Evacuate now!!! Evacuate the ant colony now,” screamed the ant leader.

Everyone is panicking and I don’t understand why? My name is Autumn the Ant and our leader is screaming for everyone to evacuate our home. But I don’t know why? And I don’t care, I’m going back into our ant home. Suddenly the ground started to shake and our home was collapsing and I was inside!!!!, I could see a human’s foot closing in on me I’m panicking I should of listened to our leader AHHHHHH 


It’s too late , Squish I am dead.

2 thoughts on “100WC – Week #32 – Emma”

  1. Hello Emma,

    There have been a few films about ants including “Antz” and “The Ant Bully”. The stories try to share life from the ant’s perspective. Your story story has achieved the same thing.

    Autumn the Ant doesn’t understand why the ant leader is ordering evacuation so ignored the warning. Autumn realises too late why as a human foot squashes her. Well done.

    Ross Mannell (Team 100WC)
    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

  2. Hey Emma nice piece. Im just wondering is autumn a special rank in his colony? Emma this was a great piece good job 👍

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