100WC – Week #31 – Taylor

“Wakey wakey” Mum said.  I woke up the heat was unbearable 

Come on! You have school today Nooo!!!

I have to do my maths today!!! To get  out of school today I need to use my Secret plan.

My secret plan is to Vomit but with fake vomit so mum will let me stay home.  Here goes nothing mumm yes I feel like I need to Vomit.  She comes into the room. Plaaaaa i Fake vomit all over the  Carpet

Oh no Said mum  You shall have to stay home now 

Ohhhhhhh I say.    

One thought on “100WC – Week #31 – Taylor”

  1. Taylor, I loved your story. One thing that I love about your story is that you found a way to get out of school, no one wants to go to school some days. One thing I suggest for you is to make sure your spelling is correct, you capital all your I’s and add periods. But overall I really liked your story.

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