100WC – Week #31 – Janelle

 Confusingly, I felt really, really, really wet under my blanket.  I went to the living room to see my mum in a very angry shock!  “What’s wrong mum?”.  She looked at me really wet too… “There’s a heat wave and it’s going to get worse every 4 weeks,” she said sadly.  I was upset too because a heat wave for 4 weeks would be really hard because we only have two fans in our house,one small fan and one big fan that I use in my room.  The heat was unbearable,so my mum brought 12 pieces of Ice!!!

One thought on “100WC – Week #31 – Janelle”

  1. Thanks for sharing, I hope things improved and that the ice did the trick. It is not always easy when the weather is tricky.

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