100WC – Week #31 – Jack T

 Going to the beach,burning hot sun,very nice sand,good views.

The heat was unbearable,so.

“Give me my wet suit hurry”,I shouted at mum 

“Ok ok here  you go”Mum muttered.

Hunted by the sun,burning down on my back.

“Sun screen!!!”Mum shouted at me 

“Come on hurry up, where are we?” I screamed. 

This water is so good someone said in the distance 

 “Yay finally water it’s so good”Maggie sighed

Can we go home now? I’m getting bored. Please, I want to go fishing or home.

“We need to pack up first then we can go home then fishing”Mum and dad told us two.

“Ok”I said

One thought on “100WC – Week #31 – Jack T”

  1. Hi Jack, I really enjoyed reading your piece. One thing you did well was using a lot of good, descriptive words. I can relate to your piece because it’s really hot where I am right now, and I’m worried I’ll get sunburn. Also, whenever I go to the beach, it’s really hot and I feel like I want to go home. One thing I would recommend would be using quotation marks around all of the dialogue.
    Happy writing,
    Carl in Illinois

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