100WC – Week #30 – Tyler

I turned my head just to see he was still following me, oh, by the way if you were wondering who this person is I don’t know. All I know is that he has been following me the whole day and he followed me into these plains and then I spotted a dirty log cabin so I sprinted towards it and slammed the door shut. Then it slowly opened and he put a cloth on my head. Suddenly, darkness enveloped the room. I just woke up and it is really bumpy. When the bumping stopped there was a robotic city.

2 thoughts on “100WC – Week #30 – Tyler”

  1. I like how you sort of did a creepy thing following you I did a monster sort of like yours. Why did you go in the cabin?

  2. Kia ora Tyler.
    Well that was a bit unusual at the end. It would have been good if you could have described what was making the bumpiness.Perhaps the log cabin was on wheels?
    Ms M #100WC team

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