100WC – Week #30 – Trinity

 “I’m not going in you are,” I said, “are you crazy?  I’m staying up here.” 

“Too bad,” I said,  “what-AhHhH OoF OwIe oUcH.” *bAnG ShIfT *  (Suddenly)  

“Dun dun dunnnnnnnn,” I said. 

“ Would you be quiet!” 

“Sorry, I thought it was appropriate,” I said, “ I’m gonna come back  up.”

“No your not” (darkness enveloped the room) “I’m scared wait why did we need to come down here anyways” “Your right let’s get outta here”  “wait were are you going are you just gonna leave me down here” “hello hello hello alyass” “I love this movie” “what. What movie is it” 

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