100WC – Week #30 – Tobias

I walk into a mysterious room with 3 of my close friends dimly lit by a tiny light bulb dangling from the ceiling. Then the door slams shut behind us then suddenly, darkness enveloped the room . Me and my friends all huddled up in the corner. Then a deep voice comes over the speakers and says, “lets play a game of hide and seek.” I hear doors open then 3 lights light up 3 different hallways but without thinking we all run in different directions then a door opens and we all hear, “let the games begin!”

2 thoughts on “100WC – Week #30 – Tobias”

  1. Me and my class did this topic to. I like how you have to play a game to escape. This was a great story. Could you do a part 2?

  2. Hi Tobias,
    I really liked the story because you use the best describing words. I feel like I’m there. I also liked the way you used the the apostrophes and the full stops in the right place.
    To improve your writing you could put more detail into the second part.
    Overall I think it was amazing.

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