100WC – Week #30 – Tegan

It was a dark and stormy night. Thunder smashing the roof and the glass was shattered all over the floor. The floor was covered with glass. One day there was a car coming up the driveway and they knocked on the door. and as soon as they knocked the door started to crack open. and the ground started to shake then it stopped!!! And then suddenly, darkness enveloped the room. then the light flicked on and off about 20 times. and then turned on again and they got scared and they scattered away never to be seen ever again. 

2 thoughts on “100WC – Week #30 – Tegan”

  1. I did kinda the same story with the dark and stormy night.
    I love to see more adverbs
    U did a great job
    Who was the person that pulled up on the drive was

  2. Hello Tegan, well that wasn’t a very pleasant time for your characters. You set the scene from the beginning with “dark and stormy”. It was interesting how you added to the mystery of the room going dark by then having the lights come on and off. That really made it clear that there was something unusual taking place. I don’t think I would return to the house either.

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