100WC – Week #30 – Ruby

Suddenly, darkness enveloped the room…
“ Aaaaahhhhh!!!!!!!!!! ” I screamed. I was horrified.
“ How am I supposed to know?” My Sister screamed.
“ Well what are we going to do? ” I boomed.
“ Ummmm?, I don’t know!!! ” A voice screamed.
“ Who was that?! ” I whispered.
“ It was…..me! ” And a white ghost revealed itself in front of my eyes.
“ Aaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!!!!!” My Sister screamed again (Hopefully for the last time)
I was panicking, I was petrified of the dark, I had to do something, I hurled myself at the door and can you guess what I did?
I Turned the light back on of course!

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