100WC – Week #30 – Mila

I slurped and put my glass on the counter. I dash up stairs without a single peep. I open up the closet and get my pjs on.

I belly flop on my bed and read. “Click” suddenly, darkness enveloped the room. I go up and turn the light back on but It didn’t work. I hear water dripping on the floor from the kitchen” I go to my closet and get a jersey. I stare at the hallway and go downstairs the stairs started to creek. I ran outside but only my house was there. I had real bad autophobia… “HELP”.

One thought on “100WC – Week #30 – Mila”

  1. Hello Mila!
    I learned a new word meaning from your story-autophobia. I would definitely feel the same way as your character does if lights suddenly switched off and stairs creaked…You did well with this week’s challenge!
    Keep writing!
    Francine (Team 100)
    Twin Cities, Minnesota USA

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