100WC – Week #30 – Finn

I roll over  in my bed and groan. I just can’t get to sleep,  so I decide to go for a midnight stroll. So I slip on my grey slippers and head out the door, I decide to sit at the pond for a while. That’s when they came, grrrrr arrrrr groaned the monsters. There rotten green dirty hands sticking out of the ground. Slowly they heaved themselves out and I saw what they were, zombies slowly hobbled their way over, I looked everywhere then out of the corner of my eye I saw  a hole through  the hedge…  I slammed the door behind me and turned on the lights. Then I ran into the kitchen and (shinggg!) I slid the knife out of the knife holder and hid behind a huge clock. Just then I heard the door shatter into pieces and zombies groan then the clock comes crashing down. A zombie with it soon I’m hiding behind air. Air is one of the worst things to be hiding behind.  Suddenly darkness envelopes the room…

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