100WC – Week #30 – Dash

This statue was made in New York. This is the reason why. Iron’s like this were always used and bought. It was said to be the best iron the universe has ever made. The statue of Liberty was taken down and they made a statue of iron. Best thing they ever did. In the making they melted the iron into place with irons. People lived on the ground and watched it until the statue was finished.

“It’s a miracle wow I love it,” everyone said.

“Lovel,” someone got cut off.

“Boring,”someone said.

People from everywhere were from different countries and saw. That’s how it was made.

2 thoughts on “100WC – Week #30 – Dash”

  1. Hey! kerry i’m carter from ill,usa. You explaning the iron was awsome you explaned it very well. Some things you did well are poncuation and spreading it around and i dont’t think you did anything bad on it.

  2. You have chosen a really interesting setting for your story, Dash. Everyone knows the Statue of Liberty, so they can understand the differences between that and the iron statue. I really like the way you show that everyone has a different opinion. The use if direct speech is very effective.

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