100WC – Week #30 – Amelia

 I was helping my master to work he was a cement builder.one of his friends yelled out “hey logan dont use the old the old tool’s anymore use the new one I bought” .He came over and gave it to him they got called to lunch. I went over to the new tool and I said to him “ hey bucko this is my job so leve “ he told me “nah you go this is my master now “in a strong toned voice . i got really  mad i charged at them like a bull. The cement was about to dry. He dodged i fell in and I  started to sink . I hit the bottom .

3 thoughts on “100WC – Week #30 – Amelia”

  1. Hello! I liked your story! I like your choice of dialogue for the characters. One thing you can work on is correct capital letters, and adding more commas. I can make a connection to this, because sometimes I fell as if someone has taken my place. One question: How deep was the cement?

  2. Hello Amelia your story was amazing, one thing you can work on is capital letters. Other than that you did amazing! Have a great day!

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