100WC – Week #30 – Amber

Suddenly,darkness enveloped the room and a blaze of light hit the roof. Thunder started rumbling.I was petrified of the dark. Dark scattered around the room. Everything shook from top to bottom. Just then I realized what happened… An EARTHQUAKE happened. 

We hid in the basement.The thunder went BaNG bAnG BAnG. Everything scattered around the house. Nothing outside was left except.. A ToRNaDo,outside, was still there. All day long.

All the houses had been destroyed. The cats and dogs had ran away to San Diego county and never been seen again. All the people have scattered around.

One thought on “100WC – Week #30 – Amber”

  1. Wow! That is one really horrible day your characters are having. I’ve heard that animals sometimes get scared before an earthquake as if they can sense it coming but I’ve never seen it happen. The all day tornado is a really terrifying idea.

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