100WC – Week #30 – Alice

I wake up to a lizard running across my hands. But how did it get here?  

I start to look around and see a fire in the middle of the room,  it looks like it has been there for years. There is no other light. 

I sense someone behind me. I  whip around and see a hooded figure.

I slowly walk backward not breaking eye contact. I feel a blazing heat on my back – it’s the fire. I turn and run the other way. I get to the corner and turn around and the hooded figure is gone. I felt a sharp pain on the back of my head and suddenly, darkness enveloped the room.

5 thoughts on “100WC – Week #30 – Alice”

  1. I like how you went with an monster theme, i did the same thing kinda. Did the hooded figure have a weapon of any kind.

  2. Wow! What a great story. I loved how you used the fire as a main feature in your story. You included other mysteries that created interest, like the lizard and the hooded figure (just enough detail to create some fear). Final sentence works really well too. Great read!

  3. Hi Alice,
    It was so scary and so nail biting at the same time,
    I wonder what the hooded figure was and why the fire was there as well.
    I like how you used pharagraphs and you used the full stops in the correct places as well.

  4. Hi Alice,
    I enjoyed reading this because you used the right punctuation. It was really fun to read.
    The way you could improve your writing is the line, “I start to look around and see a fire in the middle of the room, it looks like it has been there for years.” The fire would of burned all the thing that was keeping it alive so then it would extinguish.
    Overall loved it.

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