100WC – Week #3 – Oliver

The friendly living bone  

In the Smithsonian museum, a new security guard named Mike was the smartest guard in the history of guards. One night he saw the muddle of bones move and shapeshift into a living skink skeleton and the guard went ¨Wowsers, those bones shapeshifted into a living skink skeleton¨. But the skink skeleton saw him, heard him and he turned into a giant stegosaurus skeleton  and accidentally smashed some of the smithsonian museum space and old plane models, it was a mess and he screamed a lot ,3 hours later, the stegosaurus skeleton liked him but the whole museum was a horrible mess but to be continued………….

2 thoughts on “100WC – Week #3 – Oliver”

  1. Hello Oliver.
    Very cool story and would like to see what happens next.
    And I liked how the bones shape shifted into a skeleton from a pile of bones to a skeleton, That must of been a lot of mess when they destroyed it.
    1 question, Where did the shape shifting bones come from.?

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