100WC – Week #3 – Landen

Something weird happened today. I was working on a News article when I saw a big brown ball falling from the sky, But it wasn’t on fire like meteors normally are. It was just falling really fast into the sky tower!?!? WAIT SKY TOWER, this is going to be bad.!

I am going to get a news van and race to the sky tower. “Hey Ben get the camera set up” “Got it boss” says Ben. Hey, why is there smoke coming out of the building? It’s not black tho, hey why is there green things jumping off the building.   

One thought on “100WC – Week #3 – Landen”

  1. Hello Landen,
    The story was very cool with the meteor, I liked how you put the sky tower in it also and had to get your van and hop in so that you can report it to the news, And the green stuff falling off the building was cool and want to to know what that green things falling off.

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