100WC – Week #3 – Hannah A

My first impression of this was ¨what is this¨ and then I was like it looks like a ball of bones. I was like no, that’s inappropriate and I was startled. What do I think it is umm what about something from a movie nah. I don’t know,I’m calling it a ball of something. I wonder what you would call it because I’ll call it a ball of bones at home, but at school I will call it a ball of something. It could be something from war or in a museum I don’t know what would you call it?

One thought on “100WC – Week #3 – Hannah A”

  1. What an interesting response to this week’s prompt, Hannah. I really like the conversational approach to your story. As the reader I feel like you are talking directly to me. I like the way you go through all the possible explanations and then end up with a question to your reader (I think I will go for a ball of bones, but I’m not entirely sure).

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