100WC Week #3 – Emily

What did Samara do? I need to watch what he does.

¨may I ask before I go what did Samara do¨

¨ my sister and her were best friends one day they went to a party and samara was diving and samara made the car cash and my sister die so she going to pay¨

wait I was in the car when it happened that means I am his sister.

¨so you will go get her¨

¨ yes ¨

1 hour later.

¨ Your back yes did you get her¨

¨ Here she is”

¨Hello Samara, time to die and you too¨

they never should have said yes

¨ Wait don´t kill them¨

¨Why not¨

¨ Because I’m your sister¨

¨You are¨

¨ Yes¨

¨ stop being a liar¨

No I am- not.


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