100WC – Week #28 – Ziva

 As I walk into the clinic my co worker drags me into the office she whispers “Cattie had her pups” she points towards the pup room “go see theres 5 girls 2 boys.”

I walk into the pup room. When the building shook and then  the electricity went off, I rushed and grabbed Cattie and her pups. I mount storm. It’s not everyday that I ride storm but this is an emergency so I rush out with Cattie and her pups on storm . We ran out of the desert. I hope it’s not another cyclone. my co co-workers on their horses.

3 thoughts on “100WC – Week #28 – Ziva”

  1. Hi Ziva! I thought your piece was very interesting and had a lot of action in it. One thing I would recommend is making sure you have no small errors like the two co’s at the end of the story. And your story was also a little hard to understand. Thanks for letting me comment! ~+Sophie+~

  2. Hello, Ziva! I loved your story. One thing I loved about your story is that you got the save PUPPIES, puppies are the best! I do have a question about your story, do the puppies get home safe, or is the storm too much. Another thing that was good, was that you added the quote for this week in a very impressive way! One last thing I liked about your story, is when the building shook you made it very suspenseful and like you were running for your life in a do-or-die situation. Overall I really enjoyed your story!

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