100WC – Week #28 – Tristam

It was a normal day in chernobyl and my cousin declan and my friends we were have a sleepover at my house. we watched a movie called jaws it was fun then we jump in the pool. Then the building shook then we look outside. It was the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant exploding. we Had to escape chernobyl. when we got ready to Leave chernobyl we got in the van. when we Were driving through chernobyl there were Dead people. we went past a house and it Had exploded. when we got out of Chernobyl we got out of the car. It smelled so bad that then we Left.

One thought on “100WC – Week #28 – Tristam”

  1. Hello Tristam! I enjoyed reading your piece! One thing I loved was your quality visuals because they helped me visualize what was happing in the story! One thing I think you need to work on is your storytelling because I really could not follow what was happing in the story and you told it way too quickly. And one other thing is that I think that you should upper case your letters after every sentence. From Cameron in Illinois USA.

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