100WC – Week #28 – Preston

 … The building shook and then … I screamed and ran to the phone to call my friend Fedrick who owns a jet plane.

I needed to get out of the building because the building was on fire.

I quickly got on my  lucky fireproof race suit.

I did what I needed to do and I was the  last person out of the building. Fedrick took me to his mansion.

 Quickly I went to the garage and got in the 1970 dodge charger to take to the shop for food.

I live a great life after that annoying memory.


One thought on “100WC – Week #28 – Preston”

  1. Hey, Pre I liked your story and thought it was interesting! I liked that it was simple and easy to understand and included words that were detailed but not so much that it was confusing. I could see what was going on in my head clearly, but I feel like it was moving a little too fast. I think a bit more detail should be included because things were just randomly thrown into the story rather than it all flowing together. Also, you are one word short of one hundred which isn’t that bad but if you are missing words I suggest using descriptive words to fill in. Other than that it was good >:D


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