100WC – Week #28 – Kalinda

 “Excited, Excited, Excited” I sang.

I wonder what music teaches taught me that song?   Walking into my mum’s work, I heard this weird sound coming from up the stairs. I thought to myself: Where did mum work again? 

Suddenly I remembered that she worked up stairs!! I ran to the elevator and pressed the number two.

Running down the hallway I heard the noise again. I found mum’s office and swung open the door. 

Quick! Under the table!!” Mum screamed.

We fell on our knees and crawled under the desk. 

We hugged and hugged until it started to shake.

…the building shook and then…       

One thought on “100WC – Week #28 – Kalinda”

  1. Hello Kalinda!
    Having experienced a number of earthquakes, you entry really brought back memories of the shock and surprise of the noise and movement. The only question I have is if you meant to write “teacher” rather than “teaches” when the character asks themselves about who taught them the song.
    You did an excellent job with this writing so I am nominating you for this week’s showcase! 🙂
    Keep writing!
    Francine (Team 100)
    Twin Cities, Minnesota USA

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