100WC – Week #28 – Janelle

 Sneakily… Oh hi , I’m Lilly Riako.  Today I’m going to talk about something crazy that happened to me in the 1980s!!!  2020 has been a rough time for me and my parents because of covid and rent here in New York city. But then my dad came running to me and my mum with excitement.  “Lilly Blaire, I got enough money to see a cool museum!”My dad yelled at me and my mum.  My dad said that it starts tomorrow at 8:00. When we walked in the door shut and the building shook and then… “We’re in 1980”…

One thought on “100WC – Week #28 – Janelle”

  1. Hi Janelle!! I enjoyed reading your piece! One thing I loved about it was that it seemed like a normal story in the beginning, but then when you added your prompt, it got intense, and I loved that!! I also liked how you added what’s happening in real-time… Covid, I feel many people can relate to what you wrote. Something I recommend you to do in your next piece is to check your punctuation maybe. For instance, when the dad called “Lilly” and “Blaire” make sure you put a comma in between the names, you might be able to add some semi-colons too! Once again, loved your story…. happy writing!
    Lyla from 5th grade in Illinois

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