100WC – Week #28 – Finn

“Ahh another ad”, complained Katrisha. I  really am sick of them. This was the fifth one yet! Quickly Katrishas eyes fluttered across the screen, desperately, without success looking for the skip button. Unfortunately this one was an unskippable one. Then she realised this was different. It was not your average appliance ad. Or the boring game ads. This ad looked more like the news, than it was the news! Then she heard the news reporters screaming, eyes blaring. 

“People of earth, the gateway between books, and humans have been open. Already, furious  and blood hungry the beast of the book would have poured through Asia. While many have focused on staying with the hoard, others have been spotted hunting solo”. The screen went Static then black.

Katrina cringed. The building shook, and then all hell broke loose…

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