100WC – Week #26 – Trelise

Hey my name’s Vegemite and this is why I don’t really care about what people think anymore.
Peanut butter was sitting at the kitchen table , marmite and I were having a disagreement while walking into the kitchen, then he asked peanut butter, who was better! “hey, who do you think is better me or vegemite?” “me me!” I chant trying to win , ‘No’, he said ‘I like Marmite’. “What” I mumbled feeling defeated “ well your just really annoying and stuff?” “And what?!” “ I dunno I just don’t like you”. marmite was sitting on the bar stool with a wide grin on his face!
But I guess now that I look back on it , it’s only one persons opinion do what you want to do , to make you happy. the main point I’m getting to is you do you..