100WC – Week #25 – William N

As I punch the wall it comes crashing down “what the-” “WHAT IS HAPPENING” “mom i can explain…” “WHY DID YOU BREAK IT” “but I didn’t mean to hit it that hard” I explained I looked like I one punch the wall like nothing “YOUR GROUNDED!!” mom screamed at me. As I flicked the table it snapped like nothing “oh uh” I said to myself, mom looked at me in disbelief “how did you just do that?” Mom questioned, “I really don’t know” I replied, as I walked into my room I flicked the bed and the fluff just went everywhere. “Guys I can punch anything in one punch!” I said to my friends discord , “That’s epic man but make sure to not hit anyone okay,” they explained “alright see you soon!!” I hung up on him.

As it turned dark, I felt Brilliantly, as I lay on my bed full of power and stuff as I woke up something happened…

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