100WC – Week #25 – Quinn

Hopping along I heard rustling,a squirrel jumped at me I screamed as I swatted it away.I felt bad,I picked the squirrel up and brought it home with me.I pulled my hat out of my bag and put the unconscious squirrel in.regretting what I did I thought to myself what should I say when my mum accuses me of being mean “got it I’ll say.But I didn’t mean to hit it that hard”I went home and told my mum everything.my mum took it to the vet I came with. The squirrel was alright.

One thought on “100WC – Week #25 – Quinn”

  1. I wrote a 100 word challenge about this prompt too. Nice story. Do you have a pet squirrel? Or do you like squirrels? Have you experienced something like this?

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