100WC – Week #25 – Finn

“Ahhh”, why, you little bully, you’re gonna regret. That you little pipsqueak.” Grinned Sam, all his crook friends advancing creeping forward arms outstretched, get em boys. The last thing Emma heard was her own voice screaming, “but I didn’t mean to hit it that hard”, then the sack was pulled over her head, and she felt the men pin her down. So she couldn’t fight them. And then it all went still, no sound, no feel, no struggle. Were the bullies still there? She couldn’t tell, then he struck. Who, what, what, when? She saw nothing but she did feel something, as pain careened throughout her head, rattling, like a baby’s rattle just in her head. She cried out but was cut short with another blow, the pain carried on, for hours after they had left, she should have never played baseball…

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