100WC – Week #24 – William C

While he was strolling through the zoo, he spotted the squirrel section. “Woah, what type of dog are those!”

 “Uh, those aren’t dogs, they’re squirrels.” his Mum chattered.

 “ What’s a s-q-w-u-r-l?” I mean, it was true, he was 7 years old, but still, he should know what a squirrel is. “Whoa, what’s it doing Mom.”

 “It’s flying dear, all girl squirrels do that.” 

“ That’s so cool, I didn’t realise they could fly!” “Sorry, I made a mistake, I meant it’s gliding, which is like flying, but you can’t do it forever.” “So cool.” The boy was so. Well. So, flabbergasted.

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