100WC – Week #24 – Isla

One day I was at school writing. I got up to get a pencil and I put it on top of my book and it started flying! I didn’t realise they could fly.  I smacked it so hard that it landed on the floor. I laughed. And it started flying! So I kept smacking it and it kept flying! So I smacked and smacked it and it was still flying! I thought I was dreaming so I ran out of the classroom and got my bag and went home and I was dreaming!  I got ready to go to school.

One thought on “100WC – Week #24 – Isla”

  1. Isla – You mean this was all a dream? There aren’t really flying pencils?! I wish there were flying pencils. I could recruit a legion of flying pencils to soar into students’ hands when they forget this all-important writing tool. Yes, we need flying pencils. Don’t you agree? Thanks for participating in this week’s 100WC! Keep on writing creative stories! Mrs. Rombach from Team 100WC, Virginia, USA

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