100WC – Week #2 – Oliver

Today was a washing day on my sticky calendar. So I loaded all my  white washing into the washy hole (the washing machine). I turned it on and put in the laundry powder and I started it then a lot of velocity and speed went around and around it opened the big washy hole. It sucked me in and I went to a magical place like Alice in wonderland. There were a lot of phoenixes and a lot of half man half horse. And phoenixes with arms and legs. and it was all a dream.

2 thoughts on “100WC – Week #2 – Oliver”

  1. Wow. That sounds both exciting and terrifying, although I’m not exactly sure about the sticky calendar. Is it that the calendar is sticky or that you stick things on the calendar? That said, I was very glad you clarified what a washy hole was as my first thought was that it was some Australian slang term that I’d not herd before but then noticed that it was one of the other short stories I’m reading this week that is from Australia. A magical portal through a washing machine sounds like a great idea, and definitely funnier than through a wardrobe or down a rabbit hole.

  2. Hi my name is Oliver to. You have a great story. What did the phoenixes arms and legs look like, were they human arms and legs?

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