100WC – Week #2 – Finn

I slouch home wishing I was less of a mistake. It’s friday 24 of december christmas eve or so the calendar says. Someone pranked me and poured freezing, cold, sticky, slime,all over me. My sister  makes me do all the chores, even the washing, though I can’t even reach the lines. 

Well I guess that’s life, (for me) ¨groan¨ ¨I just wish I was someone else! I shout¨ but weirdly no one’s head turns to look at me. They don’t even realize iv´e shouted and for some reason no one gives me nasty glances. Then I realise everything’s so tall!. Then it hits me I’m minuscule!. I look up and I see a black boot coming down! Then jet white.  

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