100WC – Week #14 – Trinity

If someone was filming me this is what I would say……

“If we work together we can make a difference, how ‘bout we pick up 5 pieces of rubbish a day. Boom, you just made a difference.”

Lots of people walk past rubbish and just step on it to hear that satisfying *crunch* don’t feel ashamed I’ve done it too. Time to talk.

“Umm Miss Trinity please take a seat.” “What are your thoughts on climate change?”

“Well, my thoughts on climate change are, horrible down in Antarctica the ice caps are melting and the sea levels are rising”

“Good good. Uh, what are your ideas about helping climate change?”
“In the cold areas where it’s melting we could build a huge fan and turn it up to maximum power to make it colder.”

“Great, I love your ideas and picking up 5 pieces of rubbish a day.”

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