100WC – Week #14 – Landen

Hello good Sir, how do you feel about climate change? Well Doctor Phil i have heard that it happens when we drop rubbish. How is it afraid the earth?  Because there’s a hole in the oxen layer that’s getting bigger every time we drop rubbish. 

So how do we save the earth? By sending everyone to space or Donating money to #TeamSeas so they can clean up the sea and beaches or we could just help ourselves. #1adayforthesea if everyone picks up one piece of rubbish a day and there don’t liter then we will have this rubbish Outbreak gone.  

One thought on “100WC – Week #14 – Landen”

  1. To landen
    I liked your story a lot especially that you should donate money.
    In the second part there was quite a lot packed in though.
    From Luke

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