100WC – Week #11 – Finn

At school the go green team came and Told us about climate change and said we needed to write our own opinions. This is what I think.

Climate could be drastically dangerous if we don’t evolve soon. Because as sea levels rise, it will start to create floods and would start wiping out land life, and would start to wash away land, creatures, and houses. If we climb to the top of mountains. Sure the water won’t get us. But what about resources? Our resources would be easily depleted, not a good idea. What about boat houses? Well now we’ve forgotten about food. We would starve. 

Moving on to my personal favourite which is to, transport all life form to mars well most life form. For instance we would take tree saplings and plant them, and get some genius scientific invention to keep them alive. And then we would need heaps of water well for that we would have aqer loads of water stored in the rocket. Then we would pour it into the canyons on mars. Then we would transport all humans to Mars and finally we hunt, capture, or fish as many animals as we can to bring to mars for our food supply.

Or could simply cut down gas producing vehicles and stop coal burning factors but that would be sooo Hard! So how about my Mars idea?

2 thoughts on “100WC – Week #11 – Finn”

  1. Well done Finn, you have definitely lots of ideas. It’s great to see you thinking about these issues.
    I think your final thought is interesting, it is hard, but if we all try I’m sure we can do it. Everybody needs to make small changes and together we will make a difference. We can do hard things.
    Ms Brennock
    Team 100 w/c

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