100WC – Week #11 – Charlie

We were going downtown rolling in the car and leaves were crashing into the car bang crash. There was a big white castle right beside us. There were Crafty people walking out of the door. We locked the door. They were running after us. We were going over the speed limit but we just needed to get away from them. But we just stopped they were knocking on the door and let us in. People are trying to get us. So the jumped in . We speed down the road but we are still speeding we got away from them just in time.

One thought on “100WC – Week #11 – Charlie”

  1. Hello Charlie,

    Oh no, I felt the suspense of being chased by those people who were trying to get you! I don’t think I would have been obeying the speed limit if they were chasing after me though…

    I was a little bit confused about the ending and wondered why you just decided to stop, rather than keep going. “So they jumped in” – who did? The people who were trying to get you?

    Team 100wc, Melbourne, Australia

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