100WC – Week #1 – Finn

“Hey James, let’s start writing our book”. “Yeah lets do it Im down”. “What topic though?” “Well I reckon”… starts James “ohh I know we should write about orcs and elves battling. We will call it the freedom trial. That will be cool, let’s start”, Taylor says. “Wait, listen”… “Be quiet James, and focus on drawing the book so, what will I write on this page”. “Taylor, please listen”!.. “James start drawing. We only have 5 days to write a 275 page book”.  “but”… “Ahh no buts were in this together. Now get your nose down and start writing”.  “listen where writing a kids book not a teenagers book! Now if you would have listened to”… “James, I just realized something where actually writing a kids book! Thank god I’m here, otherwise we would never have realized it”.

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