100WC – week #1 – Ella

Gradually, things started to move. I didn’t know what it was. Was it an earthquake? a meteor? It kept getting louder and louder. It seemed to get closer and closer at that moment I thought the world was going to end or I was going to die!!! I was praying that I wouldn’t die and that the world wouldn’t end. Then I realised that my mum and dad were talking to a guy before. Did they want the guy to wreck our house? I ran outside and sed stop killing our house then I realised that the man was digging.

One thought on “100WC – week #1 – Ella”

  1. Wow… your protagonist (lead character) was really scared by the unknown and then when you revealed it was just a digger (backhoe) that was a wonderful plot twist. A reason the man was digging and that he was digging with a machine rather than a shovel/spade could have made the twist a bit clearer, especially if he was digging something that would be fun and not scary, like a swimming pool or a goldfish pond. The idea for the story was very clever, as not knowing what is happening can be even scarier as we often imagine things worse than they are. I think my favourite bit was when you said “killing” our house rather than destroying. It really helped to show how attached you character was to their home, as if it was a living thing.

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