100WC – Special Prompt #7 – Mila

I was at my friends house because my Parents decided to go somewhere. I had no idea why, but the worst part about It was  I COULDN’T GO! I decided that I would let them go, but where are they going? 

In my ´friends´ house I just sat on the couch and ate potato chips I put the tv on and saw on the news BREAKING NEWS ¨A CONFUSED BEAR IS RUNNING UP AND DOWN THE STREETS WITH CLOTHES ON AND MAKE UP¨ WE HAVE ANIMAL CONTROL BUT TURNS OUT THERES 2! ¨Wait thats my parents clothes¨ This. Cannot. Be. Happening.

One thought on “100WC – Special Prompt #7 – Mila”

  1. What a scary story, Mila! I do hope your parents were ok. You set the scene very well and then all of a sudden there is lots of action. Your use of capital letters for this is very effective INDEED. Then at the end of the story, your use of single word sentences really emphasises the horror of what might be happening.

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