100WC – Special Prompt #7 – Ezra

I lunge into the side wall, letting out a little “yelp”. 

Gabby turns around cautiously and says, “I’m confused?” Even though it’s not polite, I didn’t answer

We were in an alleyway, me on a spy mission, and my only quest was to get her home. 

I feel the vials, stuck inside my pouch, jostling around. On the way I passed Lisa’s house, and grabbed some chemicals. Even though she was only 4 she was still the smartest in the whole NZ.

I sneak up behind Gabby as I jump on top of her and throw a sack over her.

One thought on “100WC – Special Prompt #7 – Ezra”

  1. Wow. There is so much going on, and it sounds like the beginning of a great adventure… well, maybe not for Gabby. 🙂

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