100WC – Special Prompt #2 – Trinity

On the first day of the holidays it was my birthday, I invited my all my friends over for a sleepover, me Sophie and Eveana went to jump in Tauranga. We got free ice blocks too it was Phenomenal,After that we went to the beach and ate pizza my mum had order the limo pizza from dominos it was delicious.Half way through the pizza Olivia arrived with her mum, we saved her some pizza but she didn’t want any so we at the rest.We went to the Tauranga hot pools, my granny said ¨do not pee in the pool cause you will be banned from the pool.¨ And then we went home had a rainbow cake and watched a movie.                  

One thought on “100WC – Special Prompt #2 – Trinity”

  1. Writing about your birthday was a great way to engage your readers Trinity. It is a topic that resonates with every reader. Your recount made me wish I had been at your birthday- especially when the cake was a rainbow cake (my favourite!). I really hope that this truly was a recount, and that you did have a phenomenal birthday.😊

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