100WC – Special Prompt #2 – Kruz

It was a rainy day. Bang Bang Bang here we go went the music
Went the thunder
I was playing video games when suddenly
Drip drip drip drip
It was mysterious I flew over in my super suit
Into the kitchen
I shrieked with fear
who’s there that’s PHENOMENAL
I thought it was all in my head so I went to get some toast
So I used my heat vision to cook the toast crunch crunch crunch
I gobbled down all the toast
what was that
who’s there
hello hello
anybody there
Oh no I’m toast.

One thought on “100WC – Special Prompt #2 – Kruz”

  1. Hello Kruz, this is very clever. I think you have used repetition and rhyme to give rhythm to your writing piece. You were able to keep me, as the reader, engaged in the narrative; wondering what was going to happening next. As for your finish….that is truly phenomenal! Well done.

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