100WC – Week #11 – Mia

I stood in the doorway of a shop called CRAFTY kidz. I can’t believe i’m doing this….this is such a baby place. I thought, as I opened the door. Someone came running to the door to greet me.

“Come! Come and take a seat at a table!” She said.

I had a look around, and the place looked like a CASTLE with WHITE walls and there were LEAVES all over the floor. I saw kids ROLLING around in paint! I decided that this place looks quite fun after all. I went to sit on a chair at a table.

100WC – Week #11 – Charlie

We were going downtown rolling in the car and leaves were crashing into the car bang crash. There was a big white castle right beside us. There were Crafty people walking out of the door. We locked the door. They were running after us. We were going over the speed limit but we just needed to get away from them. But we just stopped they were knocking on the door and let us in. People are trying to get us. So the jumped in . We speed down the road but we are still speeding we got away from them just in time.

100WC – Week #11 – Jaxon

Rolling into the castle i felt the white wind blowing against my back the Leaves Crackling beneath my feet

I was in danger.

The guards were chasing me, i ran as fast as i could and ducked between a couple of buildings.

My Crafty self kicked in i started thinking.

I finally came up with a solution i would bait the guards into thinking i was trying to escape the castle then i would duck into the palace and disguise myself as one of them.

A simple but hard plan, I ran out and Started phase one…

100WC – Week #11 – Joe

Once upon a time… There was a brave man on his rolling cart going to his palace where the castle was. After he had made it to his palace he went to the castle but all the crafty things were difficult to check while he was walking. Finally he made it to the castle where there were leaves and other nature and he forgot that the castle was white. He went into the castle then he found the king to talk to, he said. Your honour I traveled all the way here to see you because I need your help. Um king?

100WC – Week #11 – Xaveika

One day I was rolling around in the leaves minding my own business with my dog. Just then a man snatched my dog right out of my hands, “NO!” I shouted as I sprinted to get my dog back “WHERE IS MY PHONE?!” I said panicking and confused. “Shoot, I left it at home!” I said. just then I found a white pole and string “good thing i’m crafty” I said. I tied a knot in the string and pulled it tight on the pole and took that with me. Then I found the man in a castle and spun the pole around knocked him out, and got my dog back.