100WC – Week #38 – Kalinda

I watched a dog as it slowly walked to the orange telephone. The phone started ringing and the dog started crying. It cried until it stopped.I ran as fast as  could to help the dog. But I was too slow and I couldn’t help the dog. Now I was crying and crying and crying. Running to the vets, I saw another dog having the same problem, but worsh. People were laughing at the dog. I ran back to the other dog and picked it up and did the same thing with the other dog, taking them to the vets.



100WC – Week #38 – Darryl

 The orange dog cried slowly and the telephone started to blare. I rushed to pick it up. It stopped. This day could not physically get any harder. I got dressed to go to work. When I got there there were no parking spots. Minutes later, “you’re fired,” he said in a steep, powerful voice. I got up and left in anger, full of rage. I jumped in my car blaring as the engine started to flame up. Furious I grabbed my steering wheel and smashed it onto the long leather floor. Then darkness surrounded me…

100WC – Week #37 – Alena

 “Oi, hurry, through this fence and then up the hill to the 2nd house”, whispered Michel.

“ Ok, are you sure that we’re not gonna get in any trouble?, sneaking out of school isn’t a good idea”, said Dave.

The two boys ran.

“We only have 5 minutes until the bell rings,” said Dave.

“We’ll go back,” replied Michel.

The boys were just about to cross the road to get back into the school field.

Suddenly the bell went and we were in trouble.

“Oi, what do you think you’re doing, get back here now, you can walk to the principal now!, yelled Mrs Cracken.

100WC – Week #37 – Andre

It was a normal school day. I sat next to my friend but when I sat the bell went and we were in trouble. The fire alarm went off but it wasn’t a trill, it was real.

 2 minutes passed and fire spread around the room. Everybody got out except for me. I got knocked out by the fire but when I woke up I was surrounded by fire.

 Fire was everywhere, up down left right. I was going to run through the fire but I heard sirens. The fire department was here and they burst down the door. BANG. They rescued me. 


Walking away I looked back and the building was nothing.

100WC – Week #37 – Caleb

The bell went and we were in trouble. Before school me and my friend lan wanted to let off some fireworks. I know,it was daytime but I had to see if you can actually see fireworks in the daytime, but no.  

Our principal Mrs finley caught us so we made a run for it,  Mrs finley yelled and yelled for us to stop.

Soon our principal caught us and said we had to go to the principal’s office when we booked it into the forest and hid for the rest of the school day.

Until our mums arrived.