100WC – Week #26 – Thomas

Waiting…waiting, then finally he moves to the next station so I can finally grab the bread I want. I have this weird boy in front of me who’s taking a million times longer than everyone else to choose. We are at the station to choose what spread we want. I can tell the server is getting frustrated of how long he is taking. He gives him a few suggestions but then he says ’ No’, he said, ‘I like Marmite.’ To my surprise he leaves the line after that to head for a table but a minute later he’s back in the line saying to himself, marmite is disgusting.

100WC – Week #26 – Morgan-Anne

I`m walking down the street and all of a sudden everyone runs down it and crashes into me then as I get up a person starts to talk to me.
“Hello my name is James what is yours?” James asked.
“Rosemary ”I replied.
“That’s nice,”James chatted.
“Do you like peanut butter on toast?”I asked.
“…’No’,he said,’I like marmite,”Jamas said.
“oh”I replied
So we chatted for a while until my mum called
“bye”I said
“Bye”he yelled as we were driving away.
The next few days and weeks it’s been all the same.

100WC – Week #26 – Maggie

Right guys today is voting day on who’s going. Speaking on behalf of marmite and being her sister,( vegemite wants everyone she meets to know that) I think that me and marmite should not have to go because we are both brand new. Everyone else had a talk and they think that one of them should go. Only 2 of them wanted marmite to stay and the other 2 wanted vegemite to stay. Well well well peanut butter walked in I think that marmite should go. Jam jumped in, ‘no’, He said, ‘I like marmite’. Um guys I think we are all too late. Noooo !!!

100WC – Week #26 – Kyna

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Lily and she had a friend named Bobby. He was a boy. One day they were arguing over peanut butter vs marmite. Lily said “Bobby you like peanut butter like me otherwise I will cry”. ‘ No’, he said, ‘I like Marmite.’ wahhhhhhhh ahhh wahhhhh, came from Lily “fine you are not my friend and never will be”. A sniffle came from Bobby” really you are not my friend”Bobby said. ”No I was just mad I am sorry”Lily said “will you be my friend again”. ”Of course ”Bobby said.

100WC – Week #26 – Jack W

The Vegemite party

“Come on” said mum I had just woken up and we were already going somewhere. Mum didn’t tell me where but she didn’t even let me have breakfast so I hopped in the car. Then my mum did a drift out the driveway then we pulled into this weird looking driveway. I leaped out of the car and went inside. lots of people were in the house kids were having this weird gooey stuff they asked if I wanted any no, he said, ‘I like marmite’ then he realized he was in a different world and that he could not get home.