100WC – Week #7 – Joe

Today was the day, It was production in front of the entire school! I was so nervous. But I calmed myself down. I walked on the CONCRETE to the door. There was a big stage. I was impressed by it. After we found our seats the teacher said, time to get dressed class! Then we went under the big seats. My costumes were so FLUFFY. I saw the SCOOTERS that my friends use for their part. My costume was basically RED. Then we got on stage when it was our turn. So we hopped on and then for a while we DANCED for our production. I loved it!

100WC – Week #7 – Madison

I was on my red scooter scootering on the concrete when I saw a fluffy bunny dancing on the side of the road. So I danced along with it. Suddenly it vanished into thin air! I saw a hole in the ground where the bunny had been dancing! I really shouldn’t go down the hole, I thought. I ignored the voices inside my head, and jumped into the hole…

I slid down the dark tunnel, the wall was cold and damp and my heart was pounding. I slid out of the tunnel, I turned around and the tunnel was gone…

100WC – Week #7 – Charlie

I was laying some CONCRETE down on our new house and the CONCRETE was so FLUFFY . When it dried I went on my red SCOOTER I was going around and around. Then bang It cracked it was not dry and I had already danced in the concrete so I was covered with concrete. I need to go home and have a big nice shower to get all of the nasty concrete off me. Now I left my nice red scooter at the big pit of concrete. Then my Dad said “Why are you so covered with so much concrete?”

100WC – Week #7 – Bailee

Have you ever seen a scooter dance. I have.

December 24 2011. That was the most magical day ever. My scooter danced, the concrete turned red, and the grass was as fluffy as a bunny.

Are bunnies fluffy? I am gonna say they are.

Why is this day the most magical day ever I hear you wonder?

Well I have wondered for years and after LOTS of research I have come to the conclusion that… (drumroll please) Oh wait I forgot oh yeah I am still working on it. But don’t worry I will figure it out (hopefully).

See you next time.

100WC week #7 – Ella

As I rode my red scooter on the concrete I saw something fluffy yes fluffy.I Slowed down it was a bunny it looked like it was dancing so I danced too. Then I gently picked it up. It was so cold so I was scootering with a bunny in my arms really fast home and then I got a big container and I put an old newspaper in the bottom then I put the bunny inside and I got some old baby toys. Then the bunny started playing with the toys. I get a baby blanket and put it around the bunny. Then my mum got home.She said hello i said hey and she came into the lounge and used what was in there Bella?.I said it’s a bunny. I found it down the road when I went for a scooter ride.