100WC – Week #27 – Ava

I woke up but this morning was different. I was cold and I hadn’t opened my eyes yet.  I opened my eyes……aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I was on an ELEPHANT. It was PAINTING a squirrel in his sleep.  I was so shocked. The next second he opened his eyes was he was going to eat me but I know elephants they don’t eat people. It was actually a girl she looked so nice then she pulled out a violin it was purple. She looked so happy when she was playing then two other elephants came out from behind her they were so  scared so was I in the middle of the woods I ran for my life.

100WC – Week #27 – Jack W

¨Arrrghhh¨ painting is really hard. You know it’s taken me two whole hours to do one by the end of the week, so I threw the paint brush at the wall, then there was a big dent in  the wall.  I had only painted half the room. It was nine o’clock in the morning. AsI walked down the road the craziest thing just happened – I saw a purple elephant! I started to sprint as. I sprinted I played the violin so it made me happy. Meanwhile I got home and made a cupper until I awoke and realised that it was a big dream!

100WC – Week #27 – Eveana

I was at my cousin’s kindergarten I went there for a day. We would always have nap time, I didn’t want to have a nap so I faked sleeping with my purple painted elephant toy which was holding a  violin. After two hours I fell asleep. I woke up I was in the hospital I saw my mum, she was crying then she yelled for the doctor “SHE’S AWAKE!!!” She was really happy to see me. I didn’t know what was happening or what had happened. It turns out a girl in my kindy fell off her chair and the chair hit my head.

100WC – Week #27 – Thomas

Have you ever seen a PURPLE ELEPHANT doing crazy things at the zoo ? well I never had until today. It was when I was dragging myself along with the rest of the family along the zoo paths looking at the slack animals when something caught my eye, it was a PAINTED elephant playing the VIOLIN, like seriously was this zookeeper crazy. I thought a zoo was when you came along to look at animals not to look at them doing circus tricks. But the crowd was HAPPY with this, suddenly something happened and it was like ice had wrapped around me then I heard “Tom, Tom wake up we need to get our elephant ready for the parade”.

100WC – Week #27 – Maggie

 I have never seen an elephant playing a violin but it was a statue. That’s when I remembered  the title, The Weird Museum. The next stop was these two guys, one was painting the other. It was a statue too. He was using purple paint . There was a video next to it, it showed when they were painting each other back in the olden days. When the man finished painting the other guy. One man was fully painted purple.  I wonder is this really my life? That’s when I woke up and realized what had happened, that made me  happy